When it comes to ecommerce bookkeeping, there IS a better way.

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Whether you sell DTC, ecommerce, multi-channel, or wholesale, you can try Finaloop for free with no fear of commitment.

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Whether you sell DTC, ecommerce, multi-channel, or wholesale you can try Finaloop for free with no fear of commitment.


Connect your

Connect your banks, credit cards, business apps, and loans. We sync all your data so you have everything in one place.


Our team builds your books, powered by technology

We'll reconcile and categorize all your ecommerce accounting & financial data directly from the sources of truth + build your accruals, if needed. We only request input for transactions we (really) can’t identify.


2 months of fully reconciled ecomm-tailored P&L within 24H, absolutely free.

Within 24H, you get a P&L and Cash Flow with your last 2 months of data to fully experience our capabilities during your free trial. Explore your real-time reports and sales stats in a smart dashboard.


Subscribe for full bookkeeping that actually helps you manage your brand's finances

Everything you need to get real financial visibility:

  • P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
  • Invoices & bills
  • Inventory management
  • Loan reconciliation
  • Multi-channel orders
  • KPIs & tax-saving tools
  • Multi-channel orders
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Multi-currency cash & accrual flexibility

Catch up

Behind on your books? Upon request, Finaloop can catch up your books from the beginning of the year and help you take control of your finances.


Breeze through
tax time

Subscribe to our tax package and get federal and state tax returns and tax-planning insights that cover everything you don’t even know you don’t know.

No strings attached. Cancel at any time and take your financial info with you by syncing your data into QB or exporting your reports.

Grow smarter with always-available KPIs and strong financial data on your side.

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Leave your ecommerce bookkeeping to our experts, so you can focus on what matters.

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Finally, accounting that speaks ecommerce.

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You’re happy

Your financials are always-available with no reconciliation, wait time, or wasted time
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Lenders are happy

With always-available books, you can get financing in just a few minutes
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Investors are happy

With clear data, you can make better decisions and focus on growth
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IRS is happy

You can finish your taxes on time with no friction
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Mom is happy

She’ll be so proud of her baby’s financial prowess


How does the pricing work?
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No matter the size of your business, you get the first 14 days completely free.


When you subscribe to our service, your monthly bookkeeping fee is based on your expected annualized gross receipts, calculated based on the period you see during the trial -i.e., the onboarding month + full two months back. For example, if you onboard on June 15, the period available for you during the free trial starts on April 1. If your gross receipts for April 1-June 15 are $75,000, your monthly bookkeeping fee is based on annualized gross receipts of $365K (= $75K divided by 75 days available during the trial period multiplied by 365 days in a year).

Once subscribed, your monthly bookkeeping fee will be recalculated at the beginning of each quarter. This will be based on your expected annualized gross receipts, calculated based on the year-to-date period, i.e. from January 1. For example, on September 30, if your year-to-date gross receipts are $300,000, your bookkeeping monthly fee is based on annualized gross receipts of $405K (= $300K divided by 270 days in the current year multiplied by 365 days in a year).


You can also add our Tax Plan and get all your accounting in one place!

The monthly fee for tax services is also based on your expected annualized gross receipts for the current year determined the same way as your bookkeeping subscription. Since our tax services always cover the full taxable year (for example, 1099-NEC filing services and Federal & State income tax filing services cover the full taxable year), the monthly tax service fee applies to all 12 months of the tax year. In other words, if you join during the year, you'll be charged for previous months starting January.

How do Finaloop's services work?
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Finaloop's real-time bookkeeping solution includes the technology and app integrations needed to bring your financial data directly from your sources of truth into our ecommerce-tailored accounting software as well as the bookkeeping team to provide the actual bookkeeping services - including reviewing your financials for missed opportunities or unusual transactions and answering any questions you have about your books. For more information about our software, check out our Product page. To learn more about our services and how to create the best financial stack for your business, check out our Services page.

What’s included in my free trial?
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During your free trial, you can integrate your apps, view your financial dashboard, orders, inventory, and access your real-time Profit and Loss (P&L) and Cash Flow statements. The statements and the app are open for the onboarding month and for the full two months back. For example, if you onboard on June 15, your free period is April 1 to June 15, plus the free trial. The statements are based on our ecommerce-specific chart of accounts. To view your completed Balance Sheet or file your taxes, you’ll need to subscribe to our service (trust us, you’ll want to 😉).

What if I sell offline as well?
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Many of our customers also sell offline to B2B and wholesale marketplaces. With Finaloop, you can issue invoices, and auto-match payments through wire or ACH. You can also collect payments online - Finaloop syncs with Shopify draft orders and B2B orders, Paypal, and Stripe. If you submit invoices through another system, just let us know!

Do I need to pay for accounting or bookkeeping software?
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Nope! No need to pay for any accounting or bookkeeping software, such as QuickBooks. Finaloop replaces both your bookkeeper and your accounting software. Your subscription includes access to Finaloop’s proprietary software where you can integrate with your banks and credit cards, payment gateways, selling platforms and POS, payroll service, and more, access your financial reports, and view your most critical financial and tax data, in real time in a delightful dashboard.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?
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‍‍You can cancel your subscription at any time. No strings attached. No hidden fees. You are the sole owner of your information.  If you ever decide to leave Finaloop, your financial information can be synced to a QuickBooks Online account that you can use with any other bookkeeping or accounting firm. Super simple.

Finaloop subscription fees due are non-refundable regardless of whether you decide to cancel the tax services before the tax year is complete.

Can Finaloop catch me up if I’m behind with my bookkeeping?
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Sure, we’re happy to catch up your books from the beginning of the year! We may even be able to provide you books from previous years, depending on the apps you use for your business.

Your books for the onboarding month and full two months back are free. For example, if you onboard on June 15, your free period is April 1 to June 15, plus the free trial. Catch-up for your books for earlier months is with an additional charge based on your monthly subscription fee. Following the above example, if you onboard Finaloop on June 15, your April, May and almost the entire June books would be free (a welcome gift)! If you want January to March included as well, you'll be charged the monthly subscription fee for each of those months.

Finaloop often runs off-season promotions for catch-up work. If you have several months to catch up on, feel free to chat with us.

By the way, to avoid year-end challenges and major tax issues, it's strongly recommended to catch up your books in Finaloop from January 1. If not, you may end up spending tax season dealing with multiple data sources, inconsistencies, and reconciliation gaps from your apps and banks. This is crucial to ensure a smooth financial transition without unnecessary complications.

What's included in Finaloop's tax services?
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1. Your business’s federal income tax prep. For details on specific forms, check out this article.

2. Up to 1 State income tax return. Each additional State tax return, if required, is subject to an additional fee of $380 at the time of filing.

3. Up to 10 Form 1099-NECs. Each additional form, if required, is $25 at the time of filing. You are responsible for collecting Form W-9s from your vendors and providing them to us by Jan 5 of the following year. We’re responsible for filing the 1099-NEC forms and emailing them to each of your vendors.

4. Tax optimization. We'll work to get you all the tax benefits and deductions available.

5. Tax support. Our team of CPAs, specializing in ecommerce, will help you answer all your burning tax questions.

Tax fees listed above do not include any applicable taxes and e-filing fees.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?
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Our fees are pretty straightforward, but when you have non-straightforward activities, we'll need to charge a bit more for the expert time and investment needed to make sure we get it right.

These fees include the following unusual activities:

1. An entity conversion that requires closing a short tax year - 1 month of additional fees will be charged.

2. Acquisition of an activity, business, or company that requires a purchase price allocation - 1 month of additional fees will be charged.

3. Disposition or sale of an activity, business, or company - 2 months of additional fees will be charged.

Do I need a Fractional CFO to work with Finaloop?
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No, you don't need a Fractional CFO to work with Finaloop. As your brand grows, you may choose to bring one on. You can read more about our services and how many brands set up their financial stack here.

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