We are Finaloop

And we’re on a mission to give DTC brands bookkeeping that doesn’t suck

All good ideas start with a pain.
Our pain was ecommerce bookkeeping.
Here's our story.

Meet Lio!

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Lio is many things

A dad
A CPA and ex-partner at PwC
The founder of a 7-fig DTC brand
A snowboarder
The CEO and founder of Finaloop

As an accountant, Lio always knew its important for business owners to be on top of their finances and cash flow. But, as a DTC brand founder, he quickly learned that he needed more than just bookkeeping to manage his business, make decisions, get funding, optimize tax deductions, and beat the competition. ‘Good enough’ financials were not good enough.

‘Good enough’ financials were not good enough.


He tried traditional bookkeepers, but they just couldn’t keep up with his brand. They were stuck in the past, trying to catch-up last month’s books, while he was stuck waiting for numbers instead of pushing forward.

It was a constant struggle. Constant waiting, constant phone calls and emails explaining ecommerce to his bookkeeper, and still a constant lack of the numbers he needed.

IYKYK and, trust us, we know. This is why Finaloop was born.

“IYKYK and, trust us, we know. This is why Finaloop was born.

What we do

Finaloop reshaped bookkeeping so it fits your ecomm needs. With Finaloop, you get flawless financials and actionable real-time data that can keep up with your brand. Imagine spending close to ZERO time on maintaining your books and finally being able to focus on growing your business, making better decisions, and speeding past your competition.

There is a reason our customers love us. But don’t take our word for it, try Finaloop for free and see for yourself.

No reconciliations, no waiting a month for your books, no more last-minute tax stress, and no more dealing with bookkeeping.
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