How Finaloop Helped Tabs Chocolate Improve Profitability by 9.4% with Data-Driven Financial Decisions

Increase in net profit
Increase in monthly sales
Hours a month saved on admin tasks


  • Wanted to be hands-off on the numbers and focus on the marketing side.
  • Lacked accurate financial data to make fast decisions.
  • Needed more visibility to identify how much they should pay their creators.
  • Had no real-time views of how price changes would impact their bottom line.


  • Onboarded in 10 minutes to Finaloop’s real-time, ecommerce bookkeeping service.
  • Within 24 hours, Finaloop reconciled all the financial data.
  • After a 1-hour meeting with their Onboarding Specialist, all open items were closed.
  • Instant visibility into previously hidden expenses.
  • Saved significant time on admin tasks so they could focus on revenue growth.

Financial Stack

  • Finaloop for bookkeeping & accounting
  • Virtual Assistant (VA) for day-to-day financial ops

Meet Tabs

Tabs Chocolate—a direct-to-consumer chocolate brand that contains effective ingredients to enhance your sexual experience was founded in 2021 by two University of Michigan undergrads.

Tabs—now run by Oliver Brocato—a 21-year-old serial entrepreneur and a viral marketing pioneer—grew in its first year from 0 to 100k+ customers without spending a dollar on paid ads. Tabs scaled to $11 million in just 18 months!

Oliver attributes this rapid growth to his unconventional marketing strategy—focusing only on User-Generated Content (UGC) and influencer partnerships on TikTok. Oliver also utilized a well-structured funnel that prioritizes a luxurious brand identity to attract consumers willing to pay a premium price.

As a young founder, with tangible goals for his brand and more than enough cash to make it happen, he found himself hitting a major blocker along the way. He lacked the accurate financial data he needed to make FAST decisions that would actually help grow his profit.

I wish I had found Finaloop earlier. The software is killing it for multi-channel brands and is a HUGE upgrade to our bookkeeping, giving us visibility into real-time, granular P&L and Cash Flow data across all channels.
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Oliver Brocato
CEO & Founder, Tabs Chocolate