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Ronak Shah
CEO & Co-Founder, Obvi
In the age of AI and Automation, we should be able to leverage tech to give us fully automated books, at all times - without any human-made errors. … and that’s exactly what Finaloop has done.”
Nik Sharma
CEO, Sharma Brands
As of this year, going to be using @FinaloopTeam”
Jon Elder
Black Label Advisor
You want real time Amazon listing monitoring, real time profit tracking, and real time cash flow, but why do we settle for delayed bookkeeping and P&L's? We shouldn't.”
Oliver Brocato
CEO, Tabs Chocolate
Wish I had found Finaloop earlier. The software is killing it for multi-channel brands and is a HUGE upgrade to our bookkeeping process, giving us visibility into real-time, granular P&L and CF data across all channels.”

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