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Application review assistance for PayCheck Funding

Finaloop navigates the complex rules of the stimulus bill and offers a guided application process drafted in words you can actually understand. In a few steps, Finaloop helps you determine eligibility, collect supporting documentation and prepare an accurate PPP application. This increases the chance that your funding request is accepted and processed by the banks on time. Sounds too good to be true? Try us for free and see for yourself!

We process your data and answer questions

Finaloop's process allows you to easily understand your status under the new bill. We help you fill out your SBA application form for free and let you know if we identify red flags. Upon request, Finaloop experts offer full-service assistance in calculating and maximizing your loan amount and preparing and reconciling your supporting documentation. We do so by instantly integrating to your accounting and payroll software and reviewing your tax information.

Get your application and documentation ready for submission

We share the SBA application for your signature and submission with the various lenders. Remember that applications are funded by the lenders on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, submitting an fast, accurate application with proper supporting documentation and appendices is super essential. Finaloop's experts review your application, and advise if red flags are popping up.

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Great benefits of using Finaloop for your Paycheck Protection Loan review
We navigate the rules of the Paycheck Protection Program and offer an application review process written in words you can actually understand and relate to
Our guided process is the fastest way available to detremine your status and safely complete the application form to get it ready for submission. This is important as PPP financing is on a first come first served basis
Free or for killer price
If you know your income and payroll numbers, we can help fill out the rest of the application form for free. If you need expert service, we offer it for killer price to support you. We aim in making no profits out of this assistance
Tech meets expertise
Combining technology and deep accounting and tax expertise, we created a tech product that nevigates complicated rules, the interpretation of some of them is still uncertain.
We're here to help!
Our team of experts has got you covered to answer any questions you have, providing proper responses and guidance whenever you need. Have a question? send us an email at [email protected]
Paycheck Protection Program FAQs
What is the Paycheck Protection Program?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocated $350 billion to help small businesses keep workers employed amid the pandemic and economic downturn. Known as the Paycheck Protection Program, the initiative provides 100% federally guaranteed loans administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to small businesses to be used towards job retention and certain other expenses.

Am I eligible for the loan under the Paycheck Protection Program?

In general, any U.S. business that has employees and bears payroll costs, and individuals who are self-employed (for example: independent contractors, S corporation owners, partners in a partnersip, and sole proprietors) could be eligible. The rules under the CARES Act are complex and gradually interpreted by the SBA. Want to find out if you are eligible for the financing? curious about the supporting documentation and appendices you would need to prepare, or the level of loan amount possible? start our online guided application process now!

What are the terms of the loan?

● Loan amount equal to 2.5 times an applicant’s average monthly payroll costs, up to $10 million. Check out our free eligible loan amount calculator and online application.
● Loan is unsecured (no personal guarantees or collaterals)
● The loan amount may be forgiven by the government
● Interest rate of maximum 1%. Payments are deferred for up to six months
● Loan has a maturity period of 2 years with no prepayment penalties

To read more about the Paycheck Protection Program’s terms click here.

How to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program?

The SBA published an application form and supporting documentation. You would need to complete the application and submit it to various banks (who are the lenders) on a first come first served basis. Currently, each bank develops its internal process for extending the loan under the Paycheck Protection Program.

How can Finaloop help?

Some of the rules and requirements for accessing the funding are complex (or still uncertain) and the supporting documentation required must fully reconcile with the requested funding amount to avoid delay in receiving the funding or rejections by the banks. Albeit uncertainty, Finaloop’s experts crafted a simple and modern guided process that helps you check your eligibility for the funding, the documentation and appendices you would need to prepare and attach to the application, and the information you would need to provide.

For the avoidance of doubt, please note that we are not a bank or financial institute, and don't provide loans. We offer a free review of loan applications to support our customers in this difficult time before they submit the application to the bank. We want to help you submit an application and supporting documentation with a higher chance of passing the bank's review.

Upon request, we may also securely integrate with your accounting and payroll systems to help you calculate the requested loan amount and prepare the supporting documentation and appendices to increase the chances your application is accepted and the funding is timely receieved. After you complete Finaloop’s process, you can easily understand your rights, opportunities and red flags, and get access an SBA application as a basis for applying for the Paycheck Protection Program with the various lenders (U.S. banks).

Is Finaloop’s online service free?

We offer the Paycheck Protection Program guided application as a service to our customers; we do not attempt to make any profit out of it.

We don’t charge any fee for completing our process. After you complete the process, we will process your informaiton and will share with you a filled out application form (together with the documentation you uploaded) as well as input regarding red flags we identified, if any. You will be able to use it as a basis for approaching the lenders with financing requests. We also offer a free calculator for estimating your eligible loan amount.

Upon request, we can offer additional services such as calculating your loan amount, and preparing and reviewing your supporting documentation and appendices, making sure all numbers reconcile. We do so by securely integrating with your accounting systems (such as QBO, Xero, etc.) and payroll systems (such as Gusto, ADP, Justworks, etc.), helping you determine your payroll costs and potential uses of your loan.

This extra help could prove to be very useful if you are unsure how to determine and calculate your overall payroll costs (business) or self-employment income (individuals), need assistance in reconciling your documentation, or calculate your total loan amount. We can also help out if your documents such as financial statements (i.e., your books), tax returns or payroll reports are not ready yet.

Accessing the funding is on a first come first served basis, so it is advisable to move fast and have all the ducks in a row as soon as possible. We recommend filing the application only when you are sure your calculations and supporting documentation reconcile, and all appendices are included. This will ensure your funding request is accepted on time, and fudning is obtained.

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