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Onboarding Made Easy

Integrate your existing financial applications to Finaloop in less than 15 minutes! We take it from there. Finaloop instantly composes financial picture of your business and begins working on your finances. Sounds too good to be true? Try us for free and see for yourself!

Integration with Top Financial Applications

Finaloop integrates with top eCommerce and retail platforms to seamlessly sync your financial data into the Finaloop platform. We use only the most secure system and safeguards in keeping your information safe, private and protected. Read more about our integrations.

Unlimited Integrations

Finaloop supports an unlimited number of financial applications with no extra or hidden costs for more integrations. We are here to get the work done for you. It’s as simple as that.

We are Here for You, Anytime.
From initial to complex inquiries, from inception to exit. our team of experts has got you covered, providing prompt responses to help you navigate the ins and outs of bookkeeping, financial operations, tax planning and reporting of your eCommerce brand, retail business or startup.
Connect FAQs
How does the transition from my bookkeeping software work?

It is very simple.

As part of your onboarding process, we will securely connect your current bookkeeping software (e.g., QBO or Xero) with Finaloop. We will securely sync your historical information into Finaloop, and start your free trial. Once you decide to subscribe with us, you will no longer need an active bookkeeping software account. <br

You are the sole owner of your information. If you ever decide to cancel your subscription with Finaloop, your financial information will be saved to a QuickBooks Online, account that you use with any other bookkeeping or accounting firm. It cannot be easier.

How long does the onboarding process take?

Our simple and intuitive onboarding process takes 15 minutes or less. Our set of integrations with your financial applications allows us to shorten significantly the standard bookkeeping and tax onboarding process. No more back and forth with your bookkeeper and accountant.

If you already have a bookkeeping software, we will sync all relevant financial information to the Finaloop platform. If you do not use an accounting software, we will quickly bring you up to speed with our short onboarding process.

Why should I connect with Finaloop?

Finaloop is not just another bookkeeping software. We perform all your bookkeeping tasks and take care of your tax compliance requirements. With Finaloop, you can easily track your most important financial information on the Finaloop dashboard, in a way that makes sense to you, integrating the existing financial applications you use.

We are your bookkeeper, accountant, tax CPA and consultant. One-stop-shop for your bookkeeping, tax and financial operation's needs.

What businesses does Finaloop support?

Finaloop designs its solutions to meet the unique financial needs of startups, eCommerce brands, marketplace sellers, and retailers.

We support businesses of legal entities from all types and tax statuses: Corporations (C corporations and S corporations), Partnerships and LLCs. As to sole proprietorships, a requirement is that the business transactions are not mixed with the personal transactions. For example, business transactions are carried out using a separate bank and credit card accounts.

We serve ventures that just started their next big thing, as well as businesses with up to 100 employees and $30 million in sales.

Which financial apps does Finaloop integrate with?

We integrate with most of the financial applications eCommerce brands, startups and retailers love and use. You can see the list of financial applications we integrate. We add integrations every day. If your financial application is not in the list, please write to us to check whether we can connect with your platform.

Our list of integrations includes Quickbooks, Xero, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Square, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, Invoicera,, Justworks, Gusto and many more. We also connect to most of the banks and financial institutions in the United States.

I have cash transactions; can I work with Finaloop?

Finaloop fits businesses that transact via other cloud services.

Having said that, if 15% or less (ballpark) of your transactions are cash based, Finaloop can still support and serve your business.

Who will I be working with?

A professional accounting team, comprised of bookkeepers, CPAs and tax experts will be working on your account, to support your bookkeeping, operational and tax tasks.

Your account team will take care of all the data entry, bookkeeping, accounting and tax tasks for you. Our team of experts is only an email, a phone call or a chat away, for any question you may have.

Our moto at Finaloop is 'smart platform, human heart'.

How long have Finaloop been in business?

Finaloop have been in business since the beginning of 2018.

Finaloop was started by word-class accounting and tax experts with many years of experience working on accounting and tax matters of emerging, growth stage, and later stage ventures.

With our expertise, passion, and level of service, rest assure that your business is in the best possible hands. Our team of experts are only a call, an email or a chat away.

Read more about Finaloop.

Does Finaloop outsource any of its work?

Finaloop does not and will never will outsource any accounting or tax services to third parties. All of our customers are served by Finaloop's employees out of our California and Tel-Aviv offices.

What happens to my data if I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. No strings attached. No commitments.

You are the sole owner of your information. If you decide to leave Finaloop, your financial information will be saved to a QuickBooks Online account that you use with any other bookkeeping or accounting firm. You will be able to disconnect integrations made with Finaloop in one click. It cannot be simpler or easier.

How does Finaloop protect my financial information?

You are the sole legal owner of your information. Finaloop will limit its use of your financial and personal information as required to perform its direct duties and will never share with or sell your information to third parties.

Your financial information is safe and secure with Finaloop. Our technology security team is military intelligence unit veterans, and implement the strictest security and privacy protocols.

All of our employees are going through security training and have limited access to only the direct data they need to perform their individual tasks. Any access pathways to our customers' financial applications are strictly separated from the databases used by our teams to provide our services.

Does Finaloop have references?

Of course, call us or start your free trial (no credit card is required), and we will match you with several customers from your space that can tell you more about their own experience working with Finaloop.

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